Filipinka 001 / Pinay 001

Filipinka 001 / Pinay001 description:

I’m a pinay girl (nick: Pinay001), 21 years old . I was born on MAY 23, 1998.
I like playing badminton sometimes, but most of the time I like to watch any kinds of Hollywood movies.
And the other side of me: I truly appreciate kindness. I really appreciate people checking up on me. I appreciate a quick message, I appreciate those who ask if i’m okay, I appreciate every single person in my life who has tried to brighten my days. It’s the little things that matter the most.

And to my future partner: I have two kids (Girl&Boy), You have to stand my Childishness. You have to be strong to become the future protector of me. I hope you allow yourself to wait patiently. Because all good things happen in the right time. There’s no need for us to rush. If someone is supposed to be part of your life, they will come to you eventually. They will stay in you life until the end. And that is something to be excited about.
Remember, Love without respect is not Love and Find someone who deserves your Love. I mean, find me!

Sorry for my grammar, I have to start using this language more often and I need more practice with English.


Filipinka 001 / Pinay001 additional informations:

Ta Filipinka czeka już na Ciebie:)
Serwis gwarantuje, że po wybraniu tej Filipinki zniknie ona z serwisu na tak długi okres przez jaki będziesz utrzymywał z nią kontakt, być może na zawsze.

Dodatkowe informacje:
Żona z Filipin

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